Our Journey

We are a tight knit team of 30 passionate creative visionaries, each with global experience and credibility in the fashion industry and we are growing every single day. We import our textiles direct from one of the most prestigious lace mills in the world; in Calais, France. The French have been known as the leaders in lace-making for centuries and many of our laces are designed exclusively for Grace Loves Lace. Every single Grace Loves Lace product is designed and handmade in-house at our studios in Queensland, Australia.  These days, it is very rare to find a designer who manufactures in-house and we pride ourselves on the team we have built and the experience we have. It allows us to control and maintain our quality standards at every step of the way from the pattern making, cutting, production and delivery. What sets us apart is the quality of our fabrics, our unique designs and the flexibility of our fits. Unlike traditional dresses with uncomfortable boning and impractical textiles, our designs are effortless and comfortable and all carry a stretch component for an easy fit. We sell our collection at the wholesale price point – less than half the recommended retail price. This is precisely why we exclusively sell through our website and have distanced ourselves from the retail market and everything it represents. You will not find Grace Loves Lace products overpriced and swimming with the tide in bridal stores.

A note from Megan,

“Style defines each of us on a daily basis, and your wedding day should be no different. The journey of GLL began in 2010 after searching (unsuccessfully) for THE dress. Now, I had never been the girl who had dreamt of my wedding dress before, but now that I was looking I couldn’t believe how accustomed brides had become to wearing the “uniform” for their special day. I wanted something unique, something that I was comfortable in, something that I would be dying to put on that morning and something I would want to keep forever. I wanted to feel and look amazing, a bride who walked to the beat of her own drum.
Having come from a family of successful designers with extensive experience with French laces and Australian manufacturing, we set up a small team with a strong mission; to change the bridal industry.
The Grace Loves Lace bride is universal, she appreciates and recognises quality, she knows she needs something unique and won’t settle for average. She’s a modern bride with a romantic heart and sets her own high standards.
We are a very hard working, experienced and passionate team and proud to have revolutionised a new era of the bride. Xx”