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Dallas Showroom Q&A

GLL founder Megan Ziems answers all your questions about our Dallas bridal salon

What inspired the Dallas Showroom look?
I design each GLL showroom space and we build it out using our own team; it’s important we don’t use commercial retail design and fit out companies because they need to be authentic and have substance to them. Each GLL showroom has been designed to suit the space and to feel like a beautiful home.
For me, our showrooms have to be designed and built out to each be unique to the locations and the space. They have to be organically designed by myself – I don’t outsource shop fitters or retail design teams which is almost unheard of – because it has to be authentic to my taste and vision for each space. GLL showrooms have nothing commercial about them; they are truly designed and built out to feel like a home. My favourite interior aesthetic is whites with contrasting dark recycled timber. My beach home in Australia was designed to a very similar aesthetic so it resonates with me a lot. It’s quite a cool look thats contemporary but with very integral organic elements with substance.


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Why is there a table setting in the showroom?

That was an out-of-the-box creative idea I had to showcase how we would style a wedding table and it allows us to showcase our accessories in a different way.

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What’s your favourite dress creation?
Right now… Inca or Rosa


Why Dallas? Of all the US cities to go to next?

We love Dallas and the lovely nature of Southerners. They are not unlike Aussies. We had the demand and the timing was right!


Did you hire an interior designer? If so, who was it?
I personally do the design and creative vision for each of our showrooms. I have an amazing in-house crew who execute it and they know me very well so it works perfectly. I choose not to work with retail design or fit out teams because I want each space to be personally curated directly from me so that’s it’s authentic to GLL.


What is your favourite look of the showroom?
Definitely the incredible white floor! I fought hard to have that floor and it’s incredible. The dark timber features are always going to be a love of mine.


Do you usually have a moodboard when styling the showrooms?

Of course. This is how I start the creative direction for anything we do – a showroom or a collection or content plan. I’m a powerpoint queen! haha


No questions because i’m speechless!

Thank you! x


Do you have plans to expand GLL to other countries?
I hope so, eventually!


What is the largest size you have to try on?

The largest size we have is XL x


What made you decide on white everything?
I’m a sucker for a large open white space and the white gloss floor was just too spectacular to not do!


What type of timber is used throughout?

Recycled hardwood!


Is it by appointment only?

Yes it is! Every bride is greeted by a personal GLL stylist who beckons them with a glass of champagne or our signature rose tea. Think of a one-on-one styling session where you get to try on your favourite gowns and accessories, whilst you sip on sparkling wine with your loved ones – bliss!
Photographer: Laning Photography

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