What We Need To Know

The first step is choosing your dress and selecting your dress size. We have provided a video, sizing and measurement charts on the “What Size Are You” tab in the INFO page. Each of our dresses have stretch elements in the fabrics and design making them lovely and easy to wear, without the restriction of heavy fabrics, boning and zips that make fits very difficult.

If you are still unsure of your dress size please email us your measurements to [email protected] If you feel your shape/size proportions sit outside the standard then please email us with your concerns.

When you place your order the checkout will ask you for your wedding date and delivery/contact details. In the notes section of your order you are REQUIRED to provide us with your measurements, shoulder to floor height and shoe height.

Please use this guide as an indication of shoe height:

  • barefoot or flats we allow 0-2cm
  • small heel we allow 8cm
  • regular heel we allow 10cm
  • high heels we allow 13cm
  • platform we allow 15cm

Once your dress is complete it undergoes a high grade quality control and gets packaged beautifully and delivered to you! Shipping within Australia takes 1-2 working days, and international shipping is 3-5 working days. We are on email Monday-Friday and also contactable by phone so don’t hesitate in contacting us.