Elusive Love Campaign

For romantics & rebels who spark the day & own the night our new Limited Edition Collection.

The Elusive Love collection is an ode to the beautiful rebel
who revels in flickering spontaneity & zealous moments. Drawn to the vast world around her
& possessing an insatiable desire for the daring & unique, the Elusive Love bride is in a league of her own.

No doubt the most fascinating & interesting female you know, she is forever fleeting, daringly
different & impossible to define. Captivating in her essence, ‘her’ & her style are forever memorable.

elusiveblog4 elusiveblog5

Unrestrained & imaginative, Elusive Love is inspired by this complex woman & an abandoned love.
Each style speaks of the mysterious & intimate relationship between the woman & her dress.
Available in limited numbers, the collection aims to maintain the unique, one-of-a-kindness of each bride.

elusiveblog14 elusiveblog15

Striking the balance between luxury & natural beauty, the gowns evoke an effortless glamour through
intuitive elegance & relaxed sophistication. Grace Loves Lace’s Elusive Love collection takes a minimalist approach to
design while capturing a worldly vibe with an effortless edge & ethereal details. Barely there laces &
delicately constructed silks unravel a timeless elegance, that drips in quality & detail that mirroring the complexities of the muse herself.

elusiveblog17 elusiveblog18 elusiveblog19 elusiveblog21

Elusive Love lets the bride reveal her dynamic side, with timeless silhouettes
that are made to be styled in her own unique way with limited edition pieces she will always love.


Photographer: Cassandra Ladru
Creative Direction: Megan Ziems
Dresses: Grace Loves Lace
Model: Juliette Perkins
Location: Raes on Wategos
HMUA: Ashlea Penfold


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