FABIENNE is the untamed, she is the wild. She is the eye of the storm, just like the woman who wears it.

Her feet kiss the ground while her soul dances in the sky to the beat of her own drum – her heart with which she loves fearlessly.




She is the salt of the earth; she is poetry in motion. Her words are a celestial love poem written in the stars.

Tender, loving and wildly romantic, she brims with passion that burns bright like a flame.





A nomad in her own right, home is wherever she feels love. She is the ultimate bon vivant. Opulently bohemian. Luxuriously delicate.





She will come to you like a storm and wash you of your fears. And then when she leaves, you will wonder how you ever hated the rain.



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Photography: Louise Smit

Videography: Joseph Willis

Hair & Makeup: Penny Antuar

Floral Head Piece: Florals and Co.

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