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How To Create A Dreamy, Unstructured Bridal Updo

Describe how you put together this stunning updo

It’s so important to create great texture in the hair as it’s so much easier to get a more effortless look when the hair has lots of body. I used White Sands Liquid Texture to prep the hair & then tonged the hair using the H2d largest size curling barrel to curl the hair. Brushing the curls out with my fingers to loosen the waves, I tied the hair into a pony tail about half way up the head. Twisting the pony tail around my fingers to create a lose bun I pinned this into place. Using my fingers and Nak hair spray I pulled small whispy pieces out around the front hairline and throughout the bun to create the amazing texture.


What is it about this updo that makes it so different to anything previously seen in bridal?

I love the fact that this is style is so effortless and not perfect. This style is so flattering to all different face shapes and being more undone and relaxed is always really flattering when being photographed from all different angles on your big day.

Hair & Beauty on ICON shoot | Grace Loves Lace12

Hair & Beauty on ICON shoot | Grace Loves Lace11

Do you have any advice for bride’s planning their hair for their wedding?

Create a Pinterest board. Try on your dress and try a few different hair styles yourself. Taking photos helps so you can go home after your fitting and also show your hair stylist. Ensure you keep your regular hair stylist who cuts and colours your hair in the loop so they are aware of how much length you need to recreate your style on the big day.


Describe your hair and makeup style

Even though I’m a Hair and Makeup Artist I keep things on myself super simple. As I’ve gotten older I embrace my freckles and imperfections. Brows and blush is a must for me each morning. I love fluffy big hair so I usually blast my hair with the blow dryer and use a round brush to create a few waves around my face to frame it.

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Hair by Emma Chen Artistry

What’s trending in hair and makeup for 2018/19?

I feel like this is the year of less is more – embracing your natural skin and enhancing it instead of covering it. I’m loving the undone/textured, effortless hairstyles we are creating for GLL as I think it’s super current and actually harder to create than an extravagant polished up style.

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