GLL: Congratulations on your recent wedding, you looked stunning! Tell us how and why you chose your GLL gown?

I’m a jewellery designer based in London and in spring seasons design bridal jewellery pieces. With Pinterest being a key research tool, I had the Josee gown campaign image saved for inspiration. Quite simply I became obsessed with this image – the woman had long wavy hair, an Indian style draped belt on the beach. One day, I came across the same image with the actual link to Grace loves Lace, and as soon as I knew the brand I kept it saved. When Adam proposed, I knew Josee was the dress.


GLL: So tell us, how did you both meet?

For a time I commuted out of London for my design job and for commute ease moved in with a house mate called Adam. He was handsome, kind and we instantly hit it off as friends. 8 months later at a fireworks display, he gave me his coat, we kissed and started dating. And shortly after that we made it official. The rest is history.


GLL: Was it love at first sight or was it a slow burn kinda situation?

When I moved in with Adam, he was dating a polish girl and I was dating a guy from New Zealand. We would regularly have our date analysis over a cup of tea and when both

relationships came to an end around the same time, we were both there for each other over a chat at the pub.


GLL: What first attracted you to your partner?

Tall, handsome and very funny. The kind of inappropriate humour where we could be silly and have lots of laughs. He is 6’7 which I thought was great, a BFG! He was a dab hand at

impromptu cocktail making, which made evenings in as housemates a lot of fun.


GLL: And the proposal? How did that go down?

My proposal was on my 30th birthday on the beautiful island of Santorini. I knew I was being taken away but had no idea where. He gave me a hand made puzzle at the

airport, which was revealed as greek island hopping. Athens, Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos. On my birthday we set off for an afternoon walk of the coast with the intention of finishing up at Oia with a sunset birthday dinner, and we explored en route. We discovered a random island and abandoned churchyard overlooking the ocean, and then Adam presented me with another puzzle. For an 8 piece puzzle it took me ages to put it together! The complete puzzle read ‘Will you marry me? Adam was on one knee with the most beautiful ring. The ring was by my favourite jewellery designer Mociun, based in New York, and Adam worked with them to create a custom ring combining lots of personal things. It included my favourite stone labradorite, diamonds and a sapphire, my birthstone for the day he proposed. The blue stone looked stunning next to the blue domed church and the blue ocean backdrop. After a blubber, I said Yes!


GLL: How did you feel on your day and how did you style your GLL look?

Our day had very chilled and happy vibes. We had 2 years to plan and prepare so there was no need for stress. Being a jewellery designer, I hand made my own stone encrusted draped belt. I matched this with a simple stone chain choker. My close friend who is a designer also spent a year and a half making my stone encrusted headpiece which included a mix of warm hue Swarovski stones on filigree to drape down my hair. I wore the beautiful long Colette veil for our ceremony and changed in to my headpiece for the evening. They all caught the sun light like a dream! Both my friend and I hand made my maid of honours hair pieces, so there was a lot of hand made love on the day. My girls looked beautiful.


GLL: Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?

I love all things, layered, fringed and textured. More is more in the boho stakes and I had a very fun 2 years making so much for our day. I found so many beautiful ideas on both Instagram and Pinterest, but made them myself putting my own spin on it. I hand painted pebbles, handmade welcome signs, a big ivy frame, we made 7ft dreamcatchers, designed the order of service covers and even used embroidered piano shawls as table cloths. It was a bohemian haven.


GLL: Describe your wedding in 3 words…

Magic. Happy. Sunshine.


GLL: What was your most memorable moment?

Adam’s Dad conducted our ceremony and married us, and what a warm, humble and special moment it was for us and for him. He was incredibly proud and it made the ceremony very special and emotional. He included some great stories in his reading and when I got teary, he was very supportive. Just before entering the chapel, the music started playing and our 4 year old page boy suddenly stopped in his tracks in front of me. When I asked if he was ok, he turned to me and said, ‘’I forgot to tell you, you look really beautiful.’’ After the ceremony I said to his Mum how lovely it was that she told him to say that to me, and she said she didn’t. Cutie!


GLL: What was your wedding song / playlist?

Our wedding song was Better Man by Paolo Nutini acoustic version and we had the same song for our first dance.


GLL: Tell us about the food, most importantly the cake…

We had 5 courses! We must have been very hungry when picking the courses. It was a beautiful combination of fish, meat followed by a selection of sweets. Our wedding cake was a tiered blush marbled icing cake with a red velvet inside. Natural wild flowers on the cake and a polaroid cake topper. Scrumptious!


GLL: And where are you honeymooning?

We are honeymooning through December and January in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We will be travelling for 3 weeks around various places using Airbnb visiting temples, the national parks, Adam’s Peak mountain, tea fields and whale watching. For our last week we will be staying in a sunset reef villa in the Maldives.


GLL: What did you find the easiest and hardest thing about planning a wedding?

We live in London and our wedding venue was in Sintra, Portual so to co-ordinate our vision felt complicated at times. But our wedding organisers Miguel and Claudia were very accomodating and together we created a creative and expressive wedding day. We had plenty of dreamcatchers and at the end of the night, our organisers said they will remember the day as the ‘Day of catching dreams’.


GLL: Any top tips or advice you can give fellow GLL brides (beauty, health & wellness, planning etc)?

No matter how long or short you have to plan your special day, on the morning of your day, all those things you worried about just won’t matter. Because you are marrying the man of your dreams and that is the only thing that matters. I woke up very early on our day and had an hour to myself. A cup of tea, deep breaths before it started to get very busy! Even though we hosted a wedding weekend and had a lot of time with our family and friends, we took a few moments on the day to sneak off and take a little while together to reflect. Those moments were precious and just ours.


GLL: Describe your GLL experience…

Superb. From initially ordering the perfect Josee gown, I then decided I wanted it to appear just like the campaign image I obsessed over for years. We decided to add a little length so I could put an a-line tulle skirt underneath. I needed the length and super high heels too, next to Adam who is 6’7! The GLL ladies were fabulous, emailing me at every stage of the way from ordering to production. Thank you for creating what feels like the most beautiful gown in the world!


What does marriage mean to you?

So many people have asked me since becoming married has it changed anything. And I would say it has. It is a warm feeling that comes with a calmness of knowing you are forever together with your life buddy. Gone are the days of games and uncertainty, and ahead are the days of more memories and exciting adventures together. Our successes are shared and so are our defeats.


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