GLL: Congratulations on your recent wedding, you looked stunning! Tell us how and why you chose your GLL gown?

I’ve been a long time admirer of Grace Loves Lace. When Andy and I started planning our wedding it was important to us that the day would be relaxed, simple and fun. I tried on other gowns but nothing was near perfect and I kept going back to the GLL website. So I met with Steph at the Gold Coast showroom, who is wonderful by the way, the Nia was the last gown I tried on and it was simple, stunning, and perfect for the wedding we wanted to create.

GLL: So tell us, how did you both meet?

We actually met online years ago.

GLL: Was it love at first sight or was it a slow burn kinda situation?

It was a slow, slow, slow burn situation. We met and became friends and dated over a period of a year and half. Andy went to visit family in the UK and that time apart was when we both realised what we meant to each other. We decided to give the ‘serious couple’ thing ago and we haven’t looked back!


GLL: What first attracted you to your partner?

Andy has this carefree attitude about life and carries himself with this confidence that I admire. He is cheeky and hilarious, he has made me laugh from day one.

GLL: And the proposal? How did that go down?

We were going to the UK for Christmas and for me to meet his family but decided to fly into Paris to spend a few days there before hand. On one of our last days, after visiting the love lock bridge we were wondering around the gardens behind the Notre Dam Cathedral, in a quite corner under a row of trees that were losing their leaves he got down on one knee. It was the most perfect day.

GLL: How did you feel on your day and how did you style your GLL look?

I was surprisingly calm until we had to leave for the ceremony, when we realised we were looking at a clock that stopped working and were 10 minutes late. I was a little nervous putting on the Nia as I had given birth to our beautiful little girl nine months ago, but I felt so comfortable and made me feel beautiful. I borrowed my sisters veil and I paired that with a Samantha Wills headpiece and earrings which added sparkle but kept things simple.


GLL: Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?

Pinterest! I wanted this lovely, fun, colourful, bohemian style wedding, but with my budget and having and looking after my baby, Inka, it was too far out of reach. So I just simplified it.

GLL: Describe your wedding in 3 words…

Beautiful, delicious, fun!

GLL: What was your most memorable moment?

There were so many beautiful and special moments but something I will never forget would be during the ceremony, when we were about to say our vows, a bird blessed Andy’s nice clean shirt. He handled it well and had everyone laughing… bird poo is suppose to be good luck right?


GLL: What was your wedding song / playlist?

I walked down to the Wedding Song by Angus and Julia Stone. We had the awesome DJ Pip play a wide range of new and old songs during the reception.

GLL: And where are you honeymooning?

Because we had friends and family come over from the UK, we stayed at Byron Bay a week longer to spend time with them. We are planning on going to Europe next year.

GLL: What did you find the easiest and hardest thing about planning a wedding?

The easiest part of the planning our wedding was picking our venue, Fig Tree Restaurant is such a gorgeous spot, they have the most amazing food and are brilliant at what they do. The budgeting was my hardest, I was so worried the whole time that I would go over what Andy and I agreed on but in the end I was well under!


GLL: Any top tips or advice you can give fellow GLL brides (beauty, health & wellness, planning etc)?

Enjoy THE WHOLE process of planning the wedding! Its such a special time and you are celebrating the love you have for each other. Once its all over, you will miss the planning and wish to do it all over again, I already do! Keep it true to yourself and who you are as a couple. Relax and enjoy it!

GLL: Describe your GLL experience…

Wonderful! From ringing up to book an appointment at the Gold Coast showroom, to receiving the dress in the mail the customer service, the experience, everything was just so professional, wonderful and effortless.

GLL: What does marriage mean to you?

For me, marriage means our unconditional love for each other and our family we have and will bring into this world, our support for each other in life’s highs and lows, the never ending commitment we have for each over, and going through life as a team.


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