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Anthony + Karla in the Inca

An intimate elopement at Big Sur, California featuring our Inca gown.

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How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?

I found the Inca gown on Pinterest. I kept finding myself looking back at it during the wedding dress shopping experience. The back was breathtakingly beautiful and the lace was so intricate, enchanting and classy. The dress was beautiful on its own, so I wanted the accessories to be subtle. I just wore a pair of earrings that belonged to my grandmother.


Describe your look in three words…

Classy, captivating and dreamy.


How did he propose?

When you have dated for as long as we did, there comes a time where you figure every event, holiday or trip could turn into a proposal. In 2015, we had planned a trip to New York. I had a strong feeling that he was going to propose in NY (he had only mentioned that NY would be a perfect spot for a proposal a billion times before), but I didn’t know when or where he was going to do it during our trip. It was torture. Haha we always have a blast together and he finds little ways to be romantic, so I spent the whole week thinking, “Is it going to happen now? Or now?? Or now???” Of course, he saved the proposal for the very last day. On January 2, 2016, Anthony Cheas proposed to me on Bow Bridge in Central Park, NY. It was worth the wait. It was a chilly evening in Central Park. We were walking and enjoying the scenery. He was shaking and claimed that it was due to the cold, but I knew better. He was getting nervous. We walked unto the beautiful bridge and stared out over the lake. He had me laughing as he claimed the building across the way was one where they shot a Spiderman movie (not true). Anthony would be the guy to bring up comic book characters right before a proposal though. Then he said I looked beautiful and that he wanted to take a picture of me looking out toward the lake. As I did, he gently called my name and I turned to (finally) see him down on one knee. I told myself I wouldn’t cry but I couldn’t fight back the tears. I was overjoyed.

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What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

By the time we got engaged, we had already been together for almost a decade. October 17, 2017 was a long-awaited day. We didn’t want to just “have” a wedding. We wanted to be able to walk away from the experience knowing that we enjoyed every second of our wedding day and embraced it for all it was. We wanted to be able to fully grasp the extent and importance of the lifelong commitment we were making to each other. We wanted our wedding day to be intimate, stress-free, enchanting, unforgettable and, most importantly, a reflection of our love for each other, in its purest form.


P.S. We also wanted to be able to say that we ate on our wedding day. We had heard too many horror stories of people who said they didn’t even get to eat their dinner on their wedding day. That was unacceptable for us!


The funniest moments on the day were…

Honestly, we just had fun the entire day. We laughed, we flirted, took in the scenery and held each other in warm embraces as we admired the fact that we did it our way and the result truly was perfect for us.


It was funny to see the reaction of random people throughout the day. We had a small crowd form to watch our wedding ceremony. We were later approached and congratulated during our lunch with our parents, and strangers gushed about our outfits and what a beautiful couple we were all throughout the day. Some seemed to be in shock to see us dressed so nicely in casual spots, but they would smile at us nonetheless. Others took the time to step close to us and share in our excitement. It was sweet.


What was the most stressful part to planning?

The most stressful part to planning was disappointing some of our family members. Not everyone understood why we would want to elope in California, a place that we had never been to, and only invite our parents to come. It was definitely not the easiest decision for us to make. Especially since our family means the world to us. However, in the end, we know that this was the best decision for us. We hoped that they would somehow come to understand that. I think after seeing our video/pictures and how happy we were, they did.


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Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

My advice would be to remember that your fiancé fell in love with YOU; every part of you, in your truest form. So don’t stress about losing a ton of weight or changing your look completely before the wedding day. Remember, you already won his heart. He already chose you, as you are.


A GLL woman is to you… 

A GLL woman is distinctive. She is unique, authentic and true to herself. A GLL dress embodies the free, authentic, amorous spirit that a GLL woman carries within.


Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Our advice would be, stay true to who you are as a couple. Once you get engaged, you learn that people have a lot of opinions and expectations for your wedding day. There will be a lot of input, but take it all with a grain of salt. I think Anthony and I’s big “aha” moment was when we realized that it’s not illegal to do a “non-traditional” wedding. So, if you don’t have the money for a big wedding, don’t have a big wedding. If you want to venture off to a place neither of you have never been to, have an adventure! If you don’t want to wear a veil on your wedding day, don’t wear one. If you want to end the day eating deliciousness in your wedding dress and fancy suit at In-N-Out Burger, go for it! Even if you get looks when you announce your plans and even if your parents don’t quite understand, you two need to do what feels right for both of you. In the end, your feelings, excitement, and memories from that day are all that matter. Do whatever makes both of you happy. You won’t regret it.  

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GLL gown: INCA

The Groom wore: ASOS

Photographer: Emma Shourds Photography

Videographer: Seth Dunlap

Location:  Big Sur

Florist: Fleur du Soleil in Monterey

Hair & Makeup: Emily Lynn and Company


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