GLL: Congratulations on your recent wedding, you looked stunning! Tell us how and why you chose your GLL gown?

Like most brides to be I started stalking social media for inspiration for my dress and came across Grace Loves Lace, I instantly feel in love with their relaxed yet classic style. I lived on the Gold Coast for two years and knew where they were located so I booked my mum and I on a flight for a day of trying on dresses! Tina was my Stylist and was so lovely and helpful, as soon as I tried on the Inca I knew that it was the dress for me.


GLL: So tell us, how did you both meet?

Brett and I met through mutual best friends who thought it would be a good idea to set us up on a blind date! Turns out it was a great idea (who knows you better than your best friend).


GLL: Was it love at first sight or was it a slow burn kinda situation?

There definitely was an instant attraction and a feeling of comfortability. We just seemed to connect and get a long from the very start.


 GLL: What first attracted you to your partner?

I loved how comfortable he was in his own skin and how comfortable he made me feel. We have a similar sense of humour (although I would argue I’m definitely funnier) and to me a good sense of humour and the ability to make me laugh is a must! His good looks were just an added bonus!


GLL: And the proposal? How did that go down?

The proposal was amazing and a complete surprise! I had been wanting to stay at The Old Clare hotel in Sydney, so when we pulled up I thought what a lovely surprise! Little did I know there was going to be more to follow! We checked in to our room and then Brett suggested a swim in the roof top pool and a few cocktails, un be known to me when we left our room the lovely staff from the hotel took over our room and set everything up for Brett to pop the question – I almost ruined the surprise as it was rather windy and I was cold on the roof top bar so wanted to head back to the room and take a hot shower! Luckily Brett convinced me to have one more drink and when I returned to the room David Gray “Be Mine” was playing and as I turned around he was down on bended knee.


GLL: How did you feel on your day and how did you style your GLL look?

I felt very elegant on the day of our wedding yet casual at the same time. I styled the dress with the GLL Dosa heels and Hera anklets and I wore Samantha Wills’s crystal stud earrings.


GLL: Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?

My inspiration actually came from an image of Pia Miller that I saw on Instagram, it was an image of her and Megan Gale and I loved everything about their look. It was beautiful yet so relaxed at the same time.


GLL: Describe your wedding in 3 words…

Amazing, Relaxed, Romantic.


GLL: What was your most memorable moment?

I loved standing on the beach in Positano having our photos taken, I remember just looking up to the mountains and wanting to pinch myself. I just felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be standing there with such an amazing back drop holding hands with my best friend/ husband.


GLL: What was your wedding song / playlist?

The songs from our ceremony were;

Islands in the Stream by The Shires

Be Mine by David Gray

Songbird by Eva Cassidy

Make You Feel My Love by Adele.


GLL: And where are you honeymooning?

We travelled to Paris, Venice, Rome before the wedding and then stayed in Covo Dei Saraceni post the wedding, I highly recommend the hotel! Amazing.


GLL: What did you find the easiest and hardest thing about planning a wedding?

The hardest thing for us was all of the red tape around having a destination wedding, we invested in a wedding planner to navigate through all of the paperwork and regulations for us. This was great as they arranged everything for us.


GLL: Any top tips or advice you can give fellow GLL brides (beauty, health & wellness, planning etc)?

A wedding planner takes the pressure off you especially if you are looking to marry overseas, even then you need to be very diligent with paperwork and ensure you have original copies of all of your documents handy!


GLL: Describe your GLL experience…

My GLL experience was amazing from the start to finish, everyone I dealt with genuinely cared and wanted to help in anyway.


GLL: What does marriage mean to you?

I think when you find the right person marriage or not you want to show them the ultimate commitment and work hard on being happy. I feel so blessed that I have found someone who shares the same values as me, who respects and cares for me and best of all who makes me laugh (constantly). Forever can be a scary word but I do see a forever with Brett and it makes me smile.


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