Chad + Heda in the Inca

A rustic, seaside wedding, featuring our Inca gown.

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How did you meet / How did it all begin?

I had recently moved to Australia from Europe and was looking for a place to stay. I asked my cousin if I could stay with him until I found my own place. And his roommate at the time was Chad, and that’s how I  met my future husband. I ended up staying there for 6 weeks. Chad working from home allowed us to spend a lot of time together and we became best friends and haven’t left each others side since.


Tell us a little bit about your engagement story?

After travelling to Europe to meet the families and being in loving consultation with our families we got consent from all the parents and decided to unite our two families. 95 days before the wedding we officially got engaged. Chad made plans for us to spend a day at my favorite beach, and to my surprise he took me to a new location I haven’t been before that overlooked Coolangatta beach. When we arrived to the view point, a dozen red roses were waiting for me, and Chad went down on his knee.


What first attracted you to your partner?

His humour and his youthful spirit. 

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Flowers (style / company name): The Flower Garden (in Bundall) beautifully arranged by Chad’s sister


Who was your photographer? Ben Wyeth


Hairstyle and company: Sarah Boules “Colourful Cutz


Make-Up style and company: Sarah Boules


Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding? My Persian roots


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Honeymoon details: Soon Hopefully!


What was your most memorable moment?

The entire day was memorable. Walking down the aisle with Chad was amazing. Reciting the Baha’i Vow and putting the rings on the fingers was very special. The ceremony was beautiful and intimate. I loved every moment from start to finish.


What is your tip or advice for future brides?

Delegate your tasks! Don’t try to do everything on your own. Get people to help you and accept when people offer to help. And be detached, and happy.


How would you describe Grace Loves Lace in a sentence?

The girls at GLL were very helpful and patient dealing with me and helping me get my dress.


What jewellery and accessories did you wear? Mom’s pearl earrings


What did your partner wear?

Politix three piece navy suit, cream bow tie & handkerchief. White shirt. Striped socks. Light brown leather shoes.


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