Daniel + Taylor in the Rosa

A carefree coastal wedding featuring our Rosa gown.

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What is it you loved about your GLL gown and accessories?

What I absolutely loved most about my Rosa gown was the delicate details and the comfortability of the dress. I knew that I wanted my wedding to be a party, especially one where I could tear up the dance floor. The Rosa gown was stunning, I loved the detail of the lace extending past the end seam of my dress, and the beautifully delicate straps that still would not stretch or loosen. At our reception I wasn’t afraid to get low, or go high for that matter when my husband hoisted me up onto his shoulder! The dress was so feminine and breezy. It was my perfect gown for my perfect day.


Did you go to a GLL showroom or purchase your gown online? Tell us about this experience.

One of my bridesmaids set my very first wedding dress appointment for me at the GLL LA showroom. She said she knew I would find a dress I loved at Grace Loves Lace. Of course, I had already stalked GLL on Instagram on the way there and knew exactly which dresses I wanted to try on. The girls and I arrived at the showroom and everything was perfect. They were only taking two brides at a time in the whole store, so the experience already felt special and intimate. My GLL stylist took pictures on my mom’s phone for her so she could really be present in that moment with me. I had told my GLL stylist how excited I was to try on the Rosa so she saved it for last, making it well worth the wait. I strutted around in the dress, drank champagne, and could actually picture myself wearing that dress on the day I was going to marry Daniel. My GLL stylist told us about this sweet little rooftop bar down the street over looking the beach where we could drink some Frosé and celebrate. My wedding dress search was over just like that, but it was the perfect choice!


Describe your wedding day look…

My wedding day look was meant to be naturally beautiful. I wanted a look and that mirrored the way I felt about how a wedding day should be: joyful, peaceful, natural, and celebratory. I wore my hair loose with a half flower crown, petite jewellery, minimal make up, and the beautifully comfortable Rosa gown with that stunning floral train.

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How did he propose?

Daniel lived in South Korea most of 2017 and some of 2018 for work. I had the opportunity to visit him 3 times that year. On my third and final visit, my mom and sister accompanied me to Seoul, South Korea and we all explored together for a whole week! On our last night all together In Seoul, we decided to meet up at this three story Vietnamese restaurant named Le Hoi. I hopped on the back of Daniel’s moped and we rode through the streets lit up by the city lights. When we got to the restaurant we climbed the stairs to the roof top which overlooked the skyline of Seoul. He held me while he spoke words of love and gratitude in my ear. When he let go, I turned around to find him on one knee with my mother’s original engagement ring in his hand, and he asked to spend the rest of our lives together. I said yes of course, I mean look at him. Then I heard my mom and sister cheering from the sidewalk below. They joined us for dinner and we celebrated by ordering everything on the menu– I will never forget that feeling!


What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

The most important thing for me on my wedding day was that everyone there felt like a part of our journey. I thought that if I felt stress throughout my wedding process I must be doing it wrong. What will be will be. This was a celebration of unity and love and I wanted everyone there to feel free and comfortable, including myself and Daniel. There were no seating arrangements, people ate their dessert before dinner if they felt like it, and we all just danced the night away. I love my people. They are what help make life special, and my wedding was perfect because we were all together.


The funniest moments on the day were…

I could not believe that within the first couple songs at my wedding, I got picked up and crowd surfed around the dance floor! It was terrifying and hilarious all at once. I ultimately ended up on my husband’s shoulder, he had me in one hand and his ice cream cone in the other.

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What was the most stressful part to planning?

My wedding planning experience was an “all hands on deck” sort of deal. My friends and family all pitched In to make that day what It was. From the flowers to the lighting to the bartenders. Everywhere I looked was a face I knew that supported us and wanted that day to be perfect! So I’d say stress isn’t something I really remember playing a major role during that time of our life. I was too blessed to be stressed.


Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…


My face broke out unlike it ever had before just weeks prior to my wedding. I became nervous that it wouldn’t clear up in time for the actual day, so I went to an Aveda Salon for a facial. Not only did my beautician do an incredible job with the facial, but she took the time to ask what my beauty/hygiene routines were and offered me advice about which products I should nix and which I should try for my clearest skin on my wedding day–specific to my needs! I’m happy to say that all her advice was spot on and my skin was back to normal once July came around!



I took on a fitness challenge during my engagement that I hadn’t even considered before, that ended up really changing my fitness goals and routine. I signed up for a half marathon! I had never done anything like that before and It had me up and running, hitting goal markers of about 15 miles a week! After the half marathon passed and I achieved my goal, I didn’t want to let that healthy attitude and lifestyle go. So I made new goals for myself In the gym. It kept me really in shape for my wedding, but more Importantly, It held me accountable to a healthy lifestyle!



During my engagement I spent a lot of time In reflection and practices for good mental health. I knew how much my life would change after marriage and I wanted to take the time to remember all the beauty I had in my life before this change. I did this by writing and spending quality time with people I love. Once I pinpointed exactly what made my life beautiful, I made sure to go and tell those people who they were to me, what they did, and how it had impacted my life. The responses I got inspired me to make this a normal practice in my life. People around you don’t always already know what they mean to you, so you should tell them. The responses will ease whatever planning/family/wedding stresses you might have.

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A GLL woman is to you…

A GLL woman to me is someone that wants to embrace and extenuate her natural beauty on her wedding day. She gets to look back at photos and see herself In a beautiful gown having the time of her life with the people she loves most.


Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Ask for help! This Is the best advice I can give. Contribution and community make a wedding what it was meant to be. And I think people want to help you on your special day! Give out tasks or recognise your friend’s strengths and ask them for favors that will help you accomplish your dream day. I was overwhelmed with gratitude on my wedding day for the way my people made it all happen! It makes everything that much more meaningful.

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GLL gown: Rosa

Accessories: FiveandTwo opal rings and Local Eclectic opal ear climbers

Photographer:Blake Hunter Photography

Videographer: D.P. Weddings

Venue:  San Clemente Historic Cottage

Hair & Makeup: Golden Glow Beauty

Catering: The Lime Truck

Furniture: Archive Rentals

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