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How It All Began:  We met years ago through my sister. My sister’s boyfriend at the time (now her husband) had a best friend who lived in Florida but spent his summers in Huntington Beach, California (where my family lived and I grew up). I was never interested in him. He was my little sister’s, boyfriend’s, best friend. He will tell you he always thought I was pretty but apparently I was a bit standoffish. He was this toe head surfer kid who was in a band. And at the time I was trying to convince myself that he wasn’t my type. He would always try to text me or make any sort of contact with me. I always blew him off. But he never gave up! Well a few years later he had grown up into the most handsome, tall, kind, and funny person. He suddenly looked like a classic old-Hollywood leading man. And had the sweetest heart and smile to go with it all. Now I was convinced that whatever Nathan Gallagher was, he was exactly my type. But he lived on the other side of the country. I convinced myself that it could never work and so I always kept my heart at a safe distance. But, again, he would not give up! After about a year of flirtily hanging out whenever he was in town and cross-country communication we made it official the day after we were the best man and maid of honor in my sister and her husband’s wedding. Hint to all men: the day after a beautiful wedding is a great time to ask a girl out! I knew it would be hard but I knew he was definitely worth it. He spent so much time working so hard at making me fall in love with him, I knew he was worth it. I knew he was the kind of man that would never give up on me and spend each day making me fall in love even more. And he has!



Their Engagement Story: After a year and a half of dating, with half of that time spent separated by 3,000 miles and the other half with me living in Vero Beach, Nathan asked to drive me to lunch after church and then take me home. But before he dropped me off at my apartment he wanted us to go paddle boarding. We stand up paddle together at least once a week so it wasn’t an out of place suggestion. I was, however, completely surprised when we paddle boarded to a tiny little deserted island off the coast where he had set up a picnic complete with lanterns, twinkle lights, and flower garlands hung in the palms and fig trees surrounding us. After drinking iced coffee together and enjoying some yummy treats he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course my answer was, “yes”. That afternoon was an absolute dream. It was perfectly, “us”. Adventurous, sweet, and with coffee!

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Inspiration:  Both Nathan and I are beach people. My dad is a hall of fame member, former professional surfer, and originator of the Pro Tour and popular surf contests such as the US Open and others. Nathan’s family helped start two surfing clothing companies, Billabong and Hurley. So we are fully immersed in the surf industry and culture. We spend every spare minute at the beach surfing, paddle boarding, or on the family boats. We wanted that to be reflected in our style. A very back yard, bonfire, on the beach vibe was what we were going for. We love traveling and have traveled to 6 continents to surf so we picked some of our favorite destinations and chose what we loves about those places and tried to create that feel in our wedding style (I’m looking at you, Byron bay). We started with a clean, white foundation and built upon that tons of tropical flowers in soft colors, gold accent pieces, black and white stripe touches, and plenty of string lights and candles. We also wanted everyone to have fun. Between our photo booth, s’more station, fire pits, bounce houses, and all night dance party, I would say we definitely accomplished that.


Event Styling: My sister, Leah Bradley, did all of the styling. We planned our wedding in three months so she really had her work cut out for her. Along with Leah, a family friend, Tami McKeown really helped bring everything together in such a short time. They really are just the best!



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Photographer: We used the photography company, Amanda Christine Photography, based in San Diego, California. After looking at their portfolio online, I knew I had to have them capture our day. She had the ability to actually CAPTURE the event. I didn’t want the same posed photos I had seen over and over again for years. I wanted it to feel fresh and to remind us years later of the way we all felt on that day. I wanted to see myself and Nathan’s personality in the photos, not the photographers. Amanda and her fiancé, Scott, we’re more than willing to come out to Florida, on such short notice and as you can see they captured the most stunning photos of our day.


Flowers: I ordered the flowers myself online. Then myself, my sister, and a friend from church helped me arrange bouquets and garlands. I wanted to have a tropical but still soft and feminine feel to all the arrangements. So I mixed protea flowers in soft shades of pink and white with pink peonies and garden roses. We also picked some of the surrounding tropical foliage that grows all over the place here. It was a perfect mix of feminine, tropical, and uniquely ours.


Hair: I had my hair done at a salon in Vero called Metamorphis. I had my hair done by Hanna and my bridesmaid’s hair was done by Mariella. All of my bridesmaids brought in their own pictures of how they wanted their hair. They all chose beachy waves or loose curls. It was very fitting for their outfits and the setting. I had my hair blown out. I wanted it soft, relaxed, and natural. Hanna was able to do just that. I absolutely love it from every angle and in every picture.


Make up: A friend of mine from church did all of our makeup and we did our own touch ups throughout the day. Once again I wanted a very clean, glowy face. I used only foundation, bronzer, and mascara. Along with a coral/berry lipstick. My bridesmaids took the same natural, just stepped off the beach approach to their look also.

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Honeymoon Details:  We spent the first two nights after our weddings at our home together before leaving for our honeymoon. It was so special. Nathan had been living there for a few months, but of course I had been getting it all ready for our life together but didn’t move in until our wedding night. It was so beautiful to finally be able to come home to our home together. After a few quiet days at home, we went to California for our honeymoon. We spent one week at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego, California. While there we stayed in a waterfront bungalow and indulged in great, local Mexican food, jet skis, our beachside firepit, one of the resort’s many pools, and local shopping destinations. We spent our next week staying in an ocean front suite at the L’Auberge in Del mar. Here we had walking distance access to some of the best food, music, and coffee in the world (I’m talking about you, Lofty Coffee). Both of these destinations allowed us plenty of time for surfing, tanning, snorkeling, swimming, great sushi, coffee, movies, shopping, and fun while still having plenty of space for down time. We spent two weekends staying with my parents in Huntington Beach. It was fun to be able to catch up with them and relax together after the wedding.


Hannah’s Most Memorable Moment: After we said our vows, Nathan and I were the first to leave the church. We ran outside and we’re waiting by our car to go off and take pictures. But since we were the first ones out we were all alone. It was the only private moments we had until after the reception. It was really special. Not many words were said. We basically just giggled and kept saying “we’re married!” Over and over again. It really was so special.


Hannah’s Advice For Future Brides:  Don’t be worried about pleasing anyone but you and your husband. Also don’t get caught up in impressing other people. Let your wedding style reflect you and your husband and the love you share. Seriously make it as personal as possible. You don’t have to worry about spending tons of money either. Our wedding was so much fun and gorgeous, but not crazy expensive. The night is about two people falling in love, that is the most beautiful thing in the world. It will be the main event! Everything else is just for fun. Also have fun and invite all your friends! Nathan is the youth pastor at our church and we wanted to invite the entire youth group and so many people told us not to. But we did and in the end they were the life of the party! There is nothing more fun than 40 teenagers on a packed dance floor when a One Direction song comes on!


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Venue: Calvary Chapel of Vero Beach in Vero Beach Florida


Photography:  Amanda Christine Photography 


The Bride Wore:  I wore the Graces Loves Lace Loren dress in white tulle. I had seen the image of the dress on Pinterest months before I was even dating Nathan. All that time it stayed stored in my memory vault somewhere because as soon as Nathan asked me to be his bride, it was all I could think about. Instantly I was on a mad mission to find it. After about a month or so without any luck I stumbled upon it again in the wedding section of Pinterest. I was so excited. I never had any other dress planned. It was always the Loren. I loved the timeless, gorgeous detailing of the dress. It fit perfectly and I felt like Grace Kelly meets Bridget Bardot. Everyone says it was absolutely the most gorgeous dress they had ever seen. I felt divine. It was perfect by all accounts!


The only jewellery I wore was my engagement ring that had Nathan custom designed through Gold and Silver in Huntington Beach. It was gorgeous and made a statement all on it’s own. I am not much of a jewelry wearer so I knew I’d feel out of my element if I wore anything too flashy or overbearing. I also wore the Alaen Headpiece and Jolie veil from Grace Loves Lace. I had gone back and forth debating between a veil and a headpiece and then I thought, why not combine them? I tied the headpiece around my veil for the ceremony and the first part of pictures. Then I transitioned into just the headpiece for the rest of the pictures and the ceremony. I was so glad I did that. I love the elegance of a veil but also the freedom I had to dance around all night with just the headpiece.


The Groom Wore:  The groomsmen wore pants and suit jackets from Forever 21 Men. We were so excited about the finding those. The price was low but the quality was high and the fit was perfect. The guys all wore white button up shirts from H&M. We really were able to get a good deal on all of the guys clothes. We ordered a black silk skinny tie from the Tie Bar for Nathan and tropical print pocket squares (also from the Tie Bar) for the groomsmen. They all chose their own shoes. Most went for Clark’s or H&M canvas lace ups. Nathan’s wedding band we ordered off of etsy from “DesignedtoShineACC”. It has my initials on it. It was the coolest mens wedding band we had seen. He loves it.


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