Jack + Laura in the Samba

A wildly romantic, fun-filled wedding, featuring our effortlessly chic Samba gown.


How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?
I have been in love with Grace Loves Lace for about a year (ever since we booked the wedding, really). So I had a look and fell in love with the gorgeous Hollie dress, as I think every other bride in the world did. After 4 months of raving about ‘my dress’ to mum, the B L A N C campaign came out. I had a look and came across the Samba. It was the first and last wedding dress I tried on. Literally. Oh and I really just wanted to look anything like the model that was wearing it in the B L A N C campaign, so naturally I just brought whatever she was wearing haha!


Describe your look in three words…

Laura Ashlee McGarn (me). I just felt myself in it! Everyone who was at the wedding or even looking through pictures of the day told me that I couldn’t have picked a more suitable dress.


How did he propose?

Jack proposed on a random Thursday night in the middle of winter. He had just finished building me an outdoor hot tub, that heats itself naturally through a fire pit connected to the tub. Although it had been heating for hours before I had gotten home from work, Jack drained our hot water tank to fill it quicker. Unfortunately, due to it being winter, I just wanted to curl up in some blankets and watch a movie, so I went to go have a shower. After noticing there was actually no hot water left, I started getting angry (I had had a rough day haha) and poor Jack had to cop a spray of my anger, before quickly bringing in all the candles, wine and platters he had hiding for after the proposal. Once I collected myself in the bedroom I came out to see Jack – white in the face, down on one knee and shaking severely. I don’t know how he built up the courage to do it after I had been so horrible to him. But there he was, as raw and as gorgeous as ever. How could I say no?


What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

The most important aspect of the day was ensuring that we really felt our vows while saying them. There is nothing worse than when nerves overcome every part of you, and you don’t actually feel what you have spent a long time perfecting. My goal was to make sure Jack felt my words, and knew that my promises were going to be kept.


The funniest moments on the day were…

The whole day was fun. But I think a stand out was the speeches. They wouldn’t be funny to anyone else, I’m sure, but they were funny to me & Jack. We just couldn’t stop giggling.


What was the most stressful part to planning?

Realising that there is absolutely nothing I could have done to prepare myself for the obscene amount of happy tears I cried the moment I saw Jack at the end of that aisle.


Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

Wear a smile so you won’t have to worry about beauty. Stay connected with yourself and your partner so stress doesn’t overcome you during the most enjoyable time of your lives, and find the right dress – one that compliments everything your partner loves about your body, so you won’t have to worry about fitness.


A GLL woman is to you…

A GLL woman is a bride in a beautiful dress.


Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…



GLL gown: Samba, Chase Silk Choker and Gabriela veil

The Groom wore: Galluzzo North Shore Tailors
Photographer: David James Photography

Venue: Burnham Grove Estate

Florist: Merrin Grace Floral Design – bouquets & button holes

Libs Little Studio – All other floral masterpieces
Stylist: Props to You

Hair: Hair by Marlie Davis

Makeup: Nicole Mammone Make-up

Catering: The Chef & I 

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