GLL: Congratulations on your recent wedding, you looked stunning! Tell us how and why you chose your GLL gown?

Ordering a wedding dress online was not in my original plan. Before finding GLL I tried on several gowns. I was looking for a dress that would set me apart from other brides. I first stumbled upon the GLL website through Pinterest. The Vida gown was gorgeous and stuck out to me immediately. I finally found a gown that was unique and set apart from traditional wedding dresses. I was pretty apprehensive about ordering the dress online because I wasn’t able to try it on initially but the Grace Loves Lace staff were so helpful and made me confident that it was going to be perfect.

GLL: So tell us, how did you both meet?

James and I met freshman year of high school during summer runs for cross-country and track. Over the next several years we became good friends (since our lockers were right next to each other) and got to know each others families really well. During our senior year of high school we began dating and spending every school night together, avoiding homework, staying up late laughing and talking. Little did we know that 5 years later and countless airplane flights to and from various universities we would be getting married back in our hometown surrounded by our friends and families. We are extremely excited to start this new chapter in our lives living and traveling together.

GLL: Was it love at first sight or was it a slow burn kinda situation?

I think we were both very attracted to each other as teenagers, but our love has definitely matured overtime.


GLL: What first attracted you to your partner?

Good looks and his sense of humour, he always makes people laugh and I love that.

GLL: And the proposal? How did that go down?

James and I have been together for five and a half years and four of those years were long-distance while at different universities. I was visiting him in Utah before I started a new semester of nursing school and we spent the first day going to a baseball game and having dinner with his sister’s family. That evening he asked if I wanted to go hiking at Sundance Resort to watch the sunset. On the way up I couldn’t tell if something was wrong with him because he was being so quiet, later I would find out that he was just so nervous he wasn’t able to carry a conversation. During the hike we turned a corner and lighting the path were candles with pictures of us lining the trees that his friend had gone up right before to setup. At the end of the path was a chair surrounded by flowers and pictures of us. When we got there he sat me down and told me the reasons he loved me and why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest question I ever answered ;)

GLL: How did you feel on your day and how did you style your GLL look?  

The day of my wedding felt very surreal, so much planning had gone into this moment and I couldn’t believe that it was here. I was nervous, there was rain in the forecast but right before the ceremony the sun came through, the sky cleared up, and it was absolutely beautiful. I felt blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends. The Vida gown made me feel stunning. I loved feeling different in a beautiful way. The dress flowed perfectly with our bohemian theme. I styled the dress with armbands, a simple layered crystal necklace, and a flower crown.




GLL: Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?

We both loved the bohemian/rustic theme. Once we established our theme, Pinterest took care of the rest.

GLL: Describe your wedding in 3 words…

Bohemian, Rustic, Simple.

GLL: What was your most memorable moment?

The most memorable moment for me was saying our vows to each other in the presence of our family and friends.

GLL: What was your wedding song / playlist?

John Mayer XO.

GLL: And where are you honeymooning?

We enjoyed 8 days on the island of Kauai.



GLL: What did you find the easiest and hardest thing about planning a wedding?

My maid of honor’s dad owns an authentic Italian restaurant in town, so catering was an easy task. The hardest part for me in planning a wedding was making so many decisions. I had to get past being indecisive, but it helped having a supportive bridal party.

GLL: Any top tips or advice you can give fellow GLL brides (beauty, health & wellness, planning etc)?

My biggest advise would be to be more organized the day of the wedding. I typically go with the flow, but it’s nice to have a detailed agenda for your big day. Also, don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money. I was amazed at how many people were willing and eager to help us accomplish the wedding of our dreams.

GLL: Describe your GLL experience…

My experience with GLL has been incredible. Ordering a wedding dress online can be really intimidating. However, GLL was very accommodating and great to work with easing all my apprehension.

GLL: What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. To me it is building a life and family with my best friend. Ride or die!


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