Kenneth + Laura in the Paloma gown

A luscious garden wedding featuring our Paloma gown

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What is it you loved about your GLL gown and accessories?

So I actually already had a gown. I liked it, it was pretty and looked nice on. However, once I saw the Paloma I knew I could not walk down the aisle in anything else.


I loved that my gown was simple and elegant, yet the details were so intricate. I didn’t have to compromise my comfort in this gown. It was so easy to wear and walk in. In the Paloma gown, I felt myself, I felt beautiful, I literally felt like I could walk on water. The off the shoulder style, the silhouette, the elegant yet sexy split, the the train (don’t even get me started on the train), I never thought myself to be a train type of bride. But seeing the photos of the Paloma train I immediately knew that I would not be happy if I didn’t  have one.


Did you go to a GLL showroom or purchase your gown online? Tell us about this experience.

I purchased online and it was very simple. I had quite a few questions regarding sizing, shipping, detail, etc, and each stylist I spoke to was so accommodating and helpful.

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Describe your wedding day look…

I wanted simple, I wanted a lot of greenery and white. I let my bridesmaids pick the color and style dress because I wanted them to be comfortable and feel beautiful. I loved that each dress described each of my bridesmaid’s personalities, plus the different lengths, materials, and colors created the exact look I was going for! The most important aspect of our wedding day was that at the end of the day we would be married, and our closest friends and family would witness our love and celebrate it.

How did he propose?

My sister is a videographer so he had tricked me into agreeing to be shot for a promo video for her business. It was freezing in the dead of winter and I totally did not want to be outside shooting a video. Long story short, we were walking around a beautiful state park when he read me a beautiful letter and got down on one knee. It was even more special because my sister was there and got to shoot the whole thing. After he threw a surprise engagement party with our entire families. It was so cool being able to celebrate with our closest people right after!

The funniest moments on the day were…

Our goal for the reception was to keep the dance floor open and active all night long. I think there were people dancing for start to finish and we didn’t want it any other way. It was so much fun dancing with friends and family of all ages, and seeing all the hilarious dance moves. I don’t think my husband and I sat down for more that 10 minutes. My husband had also rented a Co2 gun and during every beat drop he stood on the speakers and sprayed the entire dance floor. It was insane.

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What was the most stressful part to planning?

I didn’t have a theme for my wedding or any specific criteria that I absolutely needed to fit for my big day. I wanted to keep an open mind while planning. That was so important for me because if I had too many options for dresses, flowers, venues, photographers, etc, I would have gone crazy. Keeping my options to a minimum helped a lot and definitely kept my stress levels down (for the most part). Also, ladies, the weather is the weather and out of our control. So don’t be like me refreshing the weather app every hour the week leading up to your wedding! It’s not worth the headache!

Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

I didn’t follow a specific diet or workout in the months leading up to the wedding. We planned our wedding in about 8 months and I found myself so caught up in planning the details and booking vendors that I never really found the time to be on a strict diet. I know my husband loves me the way I am so I didn’t let a number regarding my weight or figure to define how I felt on the most important day of my life.

A GLL woman is to you…

Classic, unique and free-spirited.

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GLL gown: The Paloma Gown

Groom wore: Calvin Klein 

Photographer: Kristin Lavigne

Venue: Aurum Events & Catering

Hair: Danielle Angiletta

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