Peter + Amy in our Hollie 2.0 gown

A love-filled celebration in Ibiza, Spain, featuring our iconic Hollie 2.0 gown.




How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?

I spotted my dress whilst making my wedding pin board on Pinterest. It was love at first sight! It was completely different to what I’d always said I wanted but after choosing Ibiza as the destination I knew I needed something to suit. I pinned it of course but then went about shopping for dresses I could actually try on! I didn’t think for a second I’d end up wearing it. After a few dress trying sessions I started to realise I wouldn’t find anything like the GLL dresses in England. Then like fate when trawling the internet for dresses I saw there would be a Concierge in London the next month! So I booked in straight away. My bridesmaids, mother and I set off for London on the hottest day of the year and after getting lost (standard for me) we arrived almost an hour late all hot and flustered thinking we had missed it! But after being greeted by Steph and reassured that she would fit me in we finally got to view some of the most stunning dresses! So whilst my mum and friends refreshed on champagne and nibbles I tried on some dresses. I’m not that girly and I’m really awkward in dresses usually, but I felt like me in the Hollie 2.0 and I’m so happy I managed to find it! My friend’s reaction made my mind up for me when I showed them, tears all round! Steph then added on the Hera anklet and the Gabriela veil and we were set! I then managed to get the bridesmaids into the Everyday Crops which I would team with a silky skirt.


Describe your look in three words…

Timeless, soft and free.








How did he propose?

On a beach in Mexico on the last day of our family holiday. I may have hinted a little that I was due for a ring sometime soon after 6 years and two children but he still took me by surprise and chose the ring that I had always dreamed of.


What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

I had a vision of sun, sand and all the people I love smiling. It was so important to me that everyone got along and felt relaxed enough to really enjoy themselves. I think going away for a wedding helps as everyone had spent a week together by then so there were no awkward polite conversations around tables of semi strangers, just real friends enjoying too many sangrias! I had a fantastic nanny service come in to help with the kids since we were on the beach which meant even us mummies could really relax!


The funniest moments on the day were…

Oh so many! I don’t know if it was when my youngest decided he wouldn’t be wearing his lovely new wedding sandals and settled for bright blue shark crocs! Or when we went to our wedding rehearsal and saw the steps we would have to walk down in front of everyone! I can only describe them as mountainous! (We made it down don’t worry!) Possibly the funniest though would be when I got to the top of the steps before I walked down to the alter; you can see right across the little beach under the raised area where all our guests were waiting, it was busier than I’d ever seen it! Everyone on the beach had become completely silent and was watching me, some with cameras in hand. Now this would have been strange enough but add in the fact that it’s a nudist beach and the majority of the people were pretty much naked! None of the ushers complained oddly enough! Lol.





What was the most stressful part to planning?

Choosing a venue was hardest I think as I knew I wanted to go abroad but wasn’t sure where. So I typed into Google the kind of wedding I wanted and a few places flashed up. I scrolled through the pictures with my best friend till we spotted the perfect one – El Chiringueito Cala Graceoneta. I checked the reviews and all their media sites before quickly deciding that was the place. The best bit about it was the weddings were run by Mambo Weddings which I’d already heard great things about. After that it was pretty easy! Pete and I flew out to meet Lucy the planner at the venue shortly after booking. It was just as perfect as the pictures! The food was incredible and the views were beautiful. After that I only had to email Lucy a few times and she did all the chasing parts for me.


Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

I did go a little diet and exercise mad I have to admit, but I felt a lot of pressure from how beautiful all of the guests were! I stuck to the 16/8 fasting diet and lowered my carb intake. I run three times a week anyway, but I added in two toning classes a week as well. I have a terrible sweet tooth and staying off cake for more than a few days is too much for me, so I found doing all this meant I could still have my naughty treats!


A GLL woman is to you…

There is a lovely natural grace that all the GLL brides seem to have in pictures! I can’t believe I was one of them!


Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

The day really does go so fast and even though I tried so hard to take it all in, it’s impossible. I’m so glad that I took the time to find the perfect Photographer. I hate having my photo taken and wanted someone that could capture the feel of the day, not just a few group shots, and Rebecca Claire Photography has done this perfectly. I also couldn’t recommend having a Videographer enough; I had to fight Pete to let me have one. He didn’t see the point but after he saw what Scott from Dreamshock Film put together he very quickly ate his words! I don’t think there has been a day since that I haven’t watched it back and my kids love it! It’s the best way to remember the day and catch all the little details that you forget so easily. So I would say spend money on that! After the years of planning the day is over in a flash but now our family have two beautiful ways to relive it!



GLL gown: Hollie 2.0 (with the Gabriela veil and Hera anklet

The Groom wore: ASOS

Photographer: Rebecca Claire photography 

Videographer: Dreamshock photo & film 

Venue: El Chiringuito Cala Gracioneta 

Hair & Makeup: Cherrelle Aston at Beau’s Locks

Catering: Chefs at Cala Gracioneta 

 Wedding Planner: Lucy at Mambo Weddings 


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