Peter + Jamie in the Gia gown & Henri veil

An intimate Tuscan wedding featuring our Gia gown & Henri veil

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What is it you loved about your GLL gown and accessories?

I loved feeling free and flowy. I didn’t want to feel constricted or heavy in a wedding gown and my dress made me feel so comfortable. The delicate detail in the lace of the Gia gown was beautiful and I love that it was made to fit my body and I didn’t have to stress about gaining or losing weight before my wedding and needing last minute alterations. I went into GLL not even thinking I wanted a veil for my wedding until I put on the Henri veil and I just felt complete and had to have it.

Did you go to a GLL showroom or purchase your gown online? Tell us about this experience.

I flew down to Los Angeles to visit the showroom at Venice Beach and it was so dreamy. The ladies there took extra care of me and made us feel so welcomed and relaxed. Adriana was my stylist and the absolute sweetest, she even let me text her with questions I had that came up later and I thought that was very personable!

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Describe your wedding day look…

I wanted a simple and delicate look. I went for a natural look with my makeup and a loose bun for the ceremony. Once the ceremony was over, I let my hair down in flowy waves. I wore minimal jewelry- my mom’s gold bracelet and necklace and wore my late grandmother’s pearl ring.

How did he propose?

We were in Positano on vacation and had this beautiful room with views of the sea and the colorful cliff side. One of our nights after dinner, we were sitting on our balcony listening to music and drinking wine under the stars when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

Our most important thing was small and intimate. We focused more on the atmosphere rather than the details (even though those came out wonderfully). I wanted us to savor the moment and our friends rather than trying to stay on a schedule. There was no itinerary, just our close family and friends (28 guests), a beautiful 13th century villa with stunning views of the Tuscan hills, and we just went with the flow and enjoyed everything and everyone around us.

The funniest moments on the day were…

Well, it ended up raining the one day out of the week! We tried to wait it out for about 30 minutes but my husband thought the rain made it that much more beautiful while all I could think about was my hair!! My train was soaked by the end of the ceremony and we had to put the fan and a blow dryer to my train because it was so heavy!! So here I have 4 girls around me after the ceremony blow drying my hair and dress trying to redo my curls and dry me off! Turns out, there’s a beautiful saying in Italy, “sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata,” meaning wet bride, lucky bride and the rain signifies abundance!

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What was the most stressful part to planning?

Getting everyone to fly in from all different parts of the states to one location! Our guests came from California, Hawaii, Washington, and Texas just to celebrate us and we are so grateful for them. The owner of our villa (Sonja) who put our wedding together took care of EVERYTHING so I had very little to stress from many miles away.

Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

Honestly, I thought I would get in the best shape before my wedding, but I didn’t kill  myself over trying to be ‘perfect’ for my wedding day. I realized early on that the engagement year was just as special of a journey leading up to our wedding day and it was a season in our life I really wanted to slow down and enjoy instead of hammering down constantly for wedding preparation. Yes, there was planning to get done, but regardless of how I looked or the small details- it was going to be the most perfect day.

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A GLL woman is to you…

Individualistic and delicate. There’s something about the dresses that just make you feel light and flowy. GLL brides are unique, fun and free. The gowns allow you to add your own style in with accessories or pop of color with your shoes!

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Slow down and enjoy the journey. It really does go by in a flash. These little moments from dress shopping to saying I do are once in a lifetime moments with the ones you love. Make sure you are pleasing yourself only and not trying to appease everyone else. Everyone will have an opinion, but this is about you and your future spouse. This is your day and you deserve to feel nothing but love throughout this season!

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GLL gown & accessories: Gia gown & Henri Veil

The Groom wore: Givenchy

Photographer: Cassandra Isbell

Videographer: Nikki Dennis

Venue:  Villa Scopetello

Hair & Makeup: Danie Khandehroo

Catering: Sonja Fick

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