Peter + Mirijam in the Alexandra

An intimate wedding in Kerpen-Blatzheim, Germany featuring our Alexandra gown.

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How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?

I always had a vision of my wedding dress in my mind, so after I got engaged I started to look for the right dress. When I saw the beautiful Alexandra gown on your Instagram I knew it was the one I was always looking for. My friends thought I was crazy ordering a dress online all the way from Australia, but I am more than happy that I did it. Yana, Hilary and Rachel were super kind and helpful.


Describe your look in three words…

Natural, romantic & effortless.


How did he propose?

Peter proposed while we were in Cambodia in February 2016. We got up at 4 am to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. The scenery was unbelievably beautiful and magical. When the sun came up, he got on his knee and asked me to be his wife and gave me the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen.

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What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

The most important aspect for us was to just celebrate our love with everyone we love and just enjoy everything without being stressed about anything. This day was about making memories that will last for a lifetime.


 The funniest moments on the day were…

Definitely the peacock who started screaming the moment I walked down the isle. It sounded like she was cheering- so funny.

Also the speech by Matteo, a friend of ours who came all the way from Madrid, Spain. The speech was hilarious and beautiful at the same time.


 What was the most stressful part to planning?

We had planned the wedding for more than a year, so we had a lot of time to get everything organized. As we didn’t have a wedding planner it got a little bit stressful about a month before the wedding, but we had a lot of help from our friends and family that we are so grateful for.

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Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

Take good care of yourself. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy but do not stress too much about looking a certain way for your wedding.


A GLL woman is to you…

A warm hearted, free-spirited woman who is not afraid to be herself.


Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Never lose focus on why you are getting married. Enjoy the planning without stressing too much and enjoy the time with your partner. Not everything will go exactly like you have planned it but it will still be the most beautiful day of your life.

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GLL gown: The Alexandra Gown

The Groom wore: Dry Korn Suit

Photographer: Vicky Baumann

Venue: Kommandeursburg in Kerpen-Blatzheim

Florist and Stylist: Shabby Chic Events

Catering: Der Teller

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