Rob + Bree in the Dre

A carefree, seaside wedding, featuring our effortlessly cool Dre two-piece.

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How did you meet / How did it all begin? We met at Mona Vale Hotel of all places. Neither of us wanted to be there and had actively avoided going, but somehow managed to find ourselves there at the end of the night. I saw him, he saw me. I told my friend to approach his friend so that I could talk to him. He told his friend to do the same. When his friend finally came up to us, Rob practically hid behind her because he was so nervous! We all drove to up Palm Beach and ate Nerds and just talked and talked until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. He told me he was moving to London in 6 months, and I didn’t know why, but it made me sad. My life changed basically overnight, and a year later I moved to London to be with him. 


Tell us a little bit about your engagement story? We didn’t really have a formal engagement. We both decided together to get married, and that once we announced the wedding we would plan to have it within 2 or 3 months. We were still in London when we told everyone, and flew back to Australia 3 weeks out to put it all together.


What first attracted you to your partner? His smile, his dance, and his seemingly carefree attitude. I saw him on the dance floor across the room and knew immediately that there was this guy, finally, that didn’t take himself too seriously, but had this amazing presence and magnetism. I had to know him.


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Flowers (style / company name): Flower crown and bouquet: Sarah at Haven & Sarah in Avalon. Antique colours, roses and flannel flowers. Archway flowers: Emily Palm, made from flowers we bought at the flower markets the day before the wedding! It was a mix of natives, roses, and succulents. Everything you could ever want!


Who was your photographer? Alex Carlyle –


Hairstyle and company: I kept my hair simple and as natural as possible. Beach waves with my fringe pinned back for the flower crown! Mel at the Gallery of Hair in Newport and my wonderful friend Brooke Burns kept it looking beautiful throughout the day!


Make-Up style and company: I’ve only ever trusted one person to do my makeup and that’s my friends mum, Kylie Burns! She knows how to do the prefect “no makeup” makeup look, which I love.


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Event Styling: The styling of the ceremony and reception was a real team effort and there are so many people responsible for how beautiful it turned out! I had all the ideas in my head, and on the day everyone came together and helped make it a reality for us. They made it even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

Robyn Wilson from Elements For Hire provided us with the beautiful vintage French chairs and woven mats for the ceremony. She scattered the flowers on the aisle for us and made it feel like a real wedding!

Emily palm designed the arch and the flowers that Rob and I stood under, and assembled it all with the help of her brother and some of Rob’s friends. We borrowed an old Balinese boat from my friends backyard that’s almost completely fallen apart, and turned it into an esky.

The reception was styled on the morning of by Rob and I and the help of all of our friends. We had ivy and copper fairy lights wrapped around the pylons on the deck, and under the bar. I pegged Polaroid’s of all the guests wedding photos to the ivy along with our grandparents and great-grandparents wedding photos as well. That was a great conversation starter at the beginning of the night and made everyone feel included!

We had all the flowers we bought the day before scattered around the room and the deck in small mismatched bottles, and big palm leaves from my garden in big glass vases. Fairy lights everywhere, and a whole lot of bunting, dream catchers, lanterns and doily’s all lent to us and made by Emily Palm!


Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding? I had never really thought too much about my wedding before Rob and I decided to get married, but I always knew I wanted it to be on the beach. Finding Grace Loves Lace collection on the Freepeople website was a huge inspiration and really helped me realize what I wanted for my wedding! I never liked wedding dresses, and wasn’t even going to go for a white dress before I found Grace Loves Lace! From there, Pinterest was just a dream. Luckily I have pretty particular taste, and Rob shares it, so inspiration came easy!


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Feature wedding song/playlist? I walked down the aisle to Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams and our first dance was Bic Runga – Sway! Before the speeches we had a string quartet playing called The Arthur Washington Sexytet. They played the most beautiful and fun set of gypsy jazz that was so perfect for the beginning of the night! Made the wedding feel really classy. The rest of the playlist was predominantly 80’s and 90’s. It was the perfect balance between cheesy, fun and emotional, and every song had the room dancing and singing the entire night! Haim from DJ Solutions knew exactly what we wanted and executed it perfectly.


Honeymoon details: Our friend’s family owns a place on a cherry farm in the south of France, and they were kind enough to offer it to us as a honeymoon spot. We are planning to go there in the Spring!


What was your most memorable moment? There wasn’t a single moment from the day that won’t be forever imprinted in my mind. But seeing Rob cry as soon as he saw me walk down the aisle, and my brother cry when he delivered his speech, they were both pretty special moments!


What is your tip of advice for future brides? Keep it simple, small. Do it yourself! Remember that it’s only about you two and celebrating your relationship, everything else, and the pure joy of the day, will speak for itself!




How would you describe Grace Loves Lace in a sentence? Simple, beautiful dresses that deviate just enough from tradition and make the perfect choice for the modern bride.


What jewellery and accessories did you wear? I wore a vintage 4 strand pearl bracelet with a diamond clasp that was handed down to me by my grandmother and is something of a family heirloom! I also wore a dainty silver necklace that my friend bought for me the day before the wedding, that just so happened to match my ring perfectly. On my feet I had white temporary henna-inspired tattoos by Beach So Chic.


What did your partner wear? He wore tan chinos with a white shirt, denim bow tie, and brown leather braces with a flower pin by Haven & Sarah! We were both barefoot.



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