Ryker + Megan in the Inca

A simple and intimate garden wedding, featuring our iconic Inca gown.

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How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?

Shortly after getting engaged, I began browsing online for wedding dresses. Nothing was intriguing me until I saw the INCA gown. As soon as I laid eyes on it I knew it was meant for me. It was the easiest decision I made for the entire wedding. I immediately booked an appointment at the LA showroom. My mom, sister and I went on a girls trip to LA for me to try on my dress. I tried on a few other GLL gowns prior to putting on the INCA because I had never tried on a wedding dress before, so I wanted to ease into it. After trying a few other gowns, I put the INCA on and it fit like a glove. It was my dream dress and it was so exciting to have it on in person and feel the same way! The GLL team did such an amazing job creating my INCA gown, it fit to absolute perfection and did not require any alterations. I was so pleased.


Describe your look in three words…

Beautiful, Timeless & Boho.

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How did he propose?

We were vacationing in Maui, one of our favourite places. It was the day before my birthday. We had a romantic dinner overlooking the beach at Mama’s Fish House in Paia. We finished in time for the sunset and went out to the beach. Ryker asked a man on the beach if he would mind taking our photo. After he took a few photos of us, he was about to hand the camera back when Ryker asked him to take a few more. He immediately got down on one knee and I couldn’t believe what was happening!


What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

The goal of my wedding was to keep it intimate and simple. I wanted everyone there to be our close family and friends. I didn’t want to go over the top with the decorations, but instead let the natural beauty of the venue shine.

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The funniest moments on the day were…

The funniest moments were when my sister and I had just finished taking photos before the ceremony and we were walking back to the bridal suite. As were walking through an open area we see Ryker’s car pulling down the driveway and we start running for our lives! It was pretty hilarious and luckily he didn’t catch a peak!


Another funny moment was cutting the wedding cake with Ryker. I was cutting and he was picking the piece up. I must have done a poor job at cutting it because the whole piece fell apart as he tried to pick it up. We were laughing and then we smeared some frosting on each others’ noses.


What was the most stressful part to planning?

The most stressful part of planning the wedding was not knowing exactly how everything would look once it was all set up. I just had to go with my gut and hope for the best. Thankfully everything turned out gorgeous and I was happy I stuck to my “less is more” simplistic modern decor.

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Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

Take really good care of your skin prior to the wedding. It is so important to have your skin be properly hydrated, exfoliated and glowing for your special day. Since I am an esthetician this was especially important to me. No amount of makeup can create healthy skin.

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A GLL woman is to you…

Unique, Bohemian, Modern & Beautiful.


Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Remember the most important thing of all is that you get to marry your best friend, so don’t dwell on the little things!

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GLL gown: The Inca gown

The Groom wore: Formal Education Suit, Mauve Tie & Gold Wedding Band

Photographer: Shannon Rosan 

Venue:  White Ranch Events

Coordinator: CES Wedding & Events

Florist: Cambray Rose Florist 

Hair: Friend- Kelly Skinner

Makeup: Powder Room Beauty Bar 

Catering: Amigos De Acapulco 

Wedding Cake: Upper Crust Chico

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