Shaun + Ida in the Tara

A fun and vibrant country wedding featuring our Tara gown.

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How did you decide on your GLL gown and accessories?

When my husband proposed, I asked if I could get married in overalls and a top knot – cause that’s what I wear 90% of the time… So when I started looking for wedding dresses I was quite overwhelmed. However there was one, the Tara gown, which I have had my eyes on since even before my husband proposed to me! I was so nervous before my appointment at the GLL Showroom. I had my bridesmaids with me, and when we got there the lovely Tina greeted us. As my mum couldn’t attend (she’s in Sweden) we had her on Skype the whole time too! So special! Tina told me to start with the dress I had in mind just to get it out of the way and if it wasn’t ‘the one’ I would have more time to enjoy dress trying ahead! I never really expected the ‘moment’ which everyone talks about finding their wedding dress as I very rarely wear dresses at all. But I put the dress on opened the curtain and the girls started crying! And so did I! Safe to say, it wasn’t a very hard decision! The rest of the appointment was spent having fun, drinking champagne and being silly! It was such a great day!


Describe your look in three words… 

Barefoot, Bohemian, Wild

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How did he propose? 

He proposed on a weekend getaway to Eagles Reach Wilderness Resort. It’s the most amazing spot surrounded by nature and wildlife! Our cabin was on top of a mountain overlooking a valley, and we went horse riding during the day. We spent the afternoon on the veranda watching the sunset, having wine and cheese! And then whilst trying to defend our cheese platter from a little bit too intruding goanna (with a broomstick), he went down on one knee! Quite the multitasker my husband!!!! Haha! He also rigged a GoPro in the trees and filmed the whole proposal! We spent the rest of the night in the outdoor spa drinking champagne, laughing a little bit too much about the goanna!!!


What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

To have fun with our friends! Our wedding stretched for almost 4 days. Most people were there the day before to help out with putting everything together, and most people stayed for the “day after” party! We wanted to keep it as fun and easy as possible as most of our fiends and family travelled quite far to be there! The whole wedding was basically DIY so it was incredible seeing everything we’d planned come together with the help of our friends! We also had a big BBQ dinner the night before! With ‘having fun’ being the most important part of our big day we prioritised food, music and entertainment. Shaun really wanted a super funky band with a saxophone player so we spent quite some time finding the perfect band! For me a sit down dinner was quite important as it is very traditional in Sweden… I think we balanced the laid back vibe of Australia and the traditions of Sweden perfectly in the end!



Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-3Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-23 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-24 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-25 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-10Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-11

The best moments of the day were…

When Shaun and his groomsmen went clay shooting in the morning! Perfect way to start the day for the boys! When I walked down the aisle – all of our friends and family stood up and started whistling and applauding and cheering! I think that moment sums up our friends so well! They are the best bunch of people with nothing but love to give! I also walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of Disclosures ‘Latch’ – it was definitely the best moment of my life! My face in basically all the pictures from the ceremony! I was so emotional! It looks like I’m about to burst into tears in all of them (not the greatest look!) haha. Another special moment was waiting outside the venue to go in for dinner, we could hear everyone in there, cheering and applauding, as the bridal party was introduced and made their way in! I remember me and Shaun looking at each other so stoked – we just got married! The dance floor for sure – I don’t think it was quiet for a second, everyone danced until midnight! The day after party! It was such a good day! Even more relaxed than the wedding, a pig on the spit, a ‘Sunday Hawaiian shirt’ dress code, a saxophone DJ, a pool, an abundance of local wines, and all our loved ones in one place, how is that not the best day ever!?

Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-12 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-13 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-14 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-1 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-15

What was the most stressful part to planning?

 I think it would have been the guest list! I also think that was the only thing we disagreed on! The question was always to keep it small or not!


 Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

 Enjoy every minute of it! Don’t get caught up in the stress of how a wedding ‘should look’. I must admit that I was probably not practicing what I am preaching at all times but that’s what my other half was there to remind me of, and bring me back to earth!

Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-17 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-18 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-26 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-27

A GLL woman is to you…

Someone who makes her own world. Who is not afraid to be true to herself and others with who she is and what she wants!


Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share… 

Remember to eat! Drink some water! And if you are running through a bindi-filled field for your portrait photos – wear shoes! But in all seriousness, just enjoy the moment! You have most likely spent months and months planning the most perfect day and have lots of thoughts of how it ‘should’ turn out. Try to let go of all of those thoughts and trust that everything will be perfect exactly as it is, cause it definitely will!

Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-22Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-28 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-9 Ida-in-the-Tara-@shaneshepherd-19 


GLL gown: The Tara gown

The Groom Wore: Topman

Photographer: Shane Shepherd

Venue: Adams Peak Country Estate

Hair & Makeup: Chic Artistry

Jewellery: Native Riot 

Catering: Monkey Place Catering

Saxophone DJ: Rick Robertson

Six-Piece Band: Sydney Wedding Band

Acoustic Guitarist: Chris Rose Musician 

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