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How It All Began: I was visiting the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, which just so happened to be where Jon worked. We first laid eyes on each other next to the monkey exhibit. My friend invited me to a house party a few days later; letting me know Jon would be there too. The night of the party the first words he ever said to me where “want a beer?” … It’s been love ever since!


Their Engagement Story: Back in February of 2014, we took a vacation to San Francisco with my sister and her boyfriend. I thought we were going to celebrate my sisters 21st birthday – turns out it was for something else and everyone was in on it except me! As soon as we arrived, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and walked along the pier looking out towards Alcatraz. I saw a seal in the water and was so enthralled by it that I didn’t notice Jon down on one knee behind me. He finally decided I wasn’t going to turn around anytime soon so he stood up. He took me in his arms, whispered sweet words into my ear, and took a knee (for the second time). The rest of the trip was one big celebration!


What first attracted you to Jon: Well, he wasn’t too hard on the eyes! Then after getting to know him, I found out he’s the most genuine, kind hearted person I’ve ever met.


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Inspiration: We basically got inspiration from our lives. For both of us growing up, motorcycles and dirt bikes were a constant. It’s one of the many things we connected on when we first got to know each other. When discussing our vision for our wedding we instantly knew we had to incorporate motorcycles – it was our amazing wedding planner who brought our ideas to life.


Event Styling: Lace and Likes


Photography: Renata Stone & Jess Downer


Flowers: Siren Floral Co


Hairstyle and company: Courtney Taylor


Make-Up: Lauren Fisher



Wedding Song: Lenachka, Go Slow


Honeymoon Details: We actually moved a few days after getting married. Packing and unpacking was our honeymoon – for now.


Most Memorable Moment: It’s impossible to pick just one moment, but one of the many was during the reception when our family surprised us with a slideshow. They had worked tirelessly putting together a slideshow showcasing our lives from childhood all the way up to our wedding day. Needless to say it was a tearjerker.


Advice For Future Brides: Stay true to what you want and how you envision your big day.  It’s so easy to get swept up into something that’s not “you”.  Also, if it’s in the budget, find a wedding planner who you connect with. We found our gem, Rachael (Lace and Likes), and instantly knew she was the one we needed to help make our day a knock out.


Why Grace Loves Lace: This quote describes Grace Loves Lace perfectly, “She’s badass with a good heart, soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, she’s the type of woman you marry.” – R.H.Sin


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Venue: Publik Coffee Roasters in Salt Lake City, UT


Captured By: Renata Stone & Jess Downer 


Flowers: Siren Floral Co


Hair: Courtney Taylor


The Bride Wore: Grace Loves Lace Jasmine Two-Piece and simply styled with her engagement ring and a couple simple midi rings


The Groom Wore: Vera Wang



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