Todd + Ashleigh in the Valentina

A dreamy rustic chic wedding, featuring our timeless Valentina gown.


How did you meet / How did it all begin?

Todd is a professional freestyle motor cross rider and we met at an event where I was modelling at the time to get through college. He told me the first night we met he wanted to marry me. I thought he was crazy!


What was your first date?

Our first date was by the beach in San Diego. We went to grab “a drink” together and it turned into bar hopping and staying out till 2am! After that we were inseparable! We would stay on the phone with each other for hours and spend every second we could together.


Tell us a little bit about your engagement story?

We bought a house together 3 years ago and have been together for 6 years so we did things kind of backwards. I was thinking the proposal was going to happen any time but I had no idea when. We went camping together in Yosemite for his birthday and planned to do the crazy “half dome” hike. On his birthday, we hiked 18 miles and gained 5,000 feet in elevation. We both almost didn’t make it to the top it was so intense. When we finally got to the top, after I caught my breath from the hike, I turned around and he was on one knee! I was shocked!


What first attracted you to your partner?

Todd is really outgoing and is super funny! I loved that!


Flowers (style / company name):

Hidalgo Flowers.


Who was your photographer & Videographer:

Acres of Hope Photography & Tyars Videography.


Hairstyle and company:

Sunni Nicolson Hair

Tonya Brewer Makeup

Lindsay Anderson Event Styling.

Where did you get inspiration from for your wedding?
I did a lot of Pinterest boards! We love where we live in the country and made it the centre of the wedding. We wanted it to be organic, comfortable, and casual.


What was your wedding song / playlist:
We had a mix! We love country, but also played some rap, old school jams, and of course we couldn’t leave out Justin Bieber!


Honeymoon details:

Our honeymoon is in Italy! We’ve both never been. We planned it a month after the wedding because it took us that long to get our house back in order!



What was your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment was once me and Todd sat down at our sweetheart table after our first dance. We both finally got to take a deep breath and take it all in. I looked out at the long farm table that stretched across our entire backyard full of tea lights and all of our favourite people in the entire world. I felt so much gratitude! I held it together for the whole ceremony but couldn’t help but shed a few tears then! I felt so thankful and loved!


What is your tip of advice for future brides?

No one is going to notice the tiny details that you do, don’t stress out about anything on that day. Just have fun, all of your favourite people are all in the same place on the same day!


How would you describe Grace Loves Lace in a sentence?

GLL is a combination of unique, timeless, feminine, and sexy but subtle.


How did you find Grace Loves Lace?

Pinterest. I was hooked after that. I was going to order a dress from GLL without trying it on but GLL ended up coming to Venice beach! I was SO excited! I tried on so many dresses at other bridal stores all over southern California but none of them compared. My mom finally said, “you keep looking at dresses searching for Valentina” just stop looking and order the dress. After that I got the email that they were coming to Venice! I couldn’t believe it!


How did you choose your GLL dress?

It was so hard to choose! I love the Valentina because it’s high neck, but it has a sexy back. I love how different the sleeves are. They are so fitted it makes it flattering, but i’ve never seen another dress with similar sleeves. LOVE the slit! I got so many compliments all night. I’d wear it over again a million times.

What jewellery and accessories did you wear?

I kept it super simple with the accessories. I just wore studs and my wedding rings. The dress was all the accessories I needed!

What did your partner wear?

He wore grey and ivory!


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