Gabriela veil

Handmade with over 2.8m of the finest silk chiffon, this stunning veil is simply breathtaking and perfect for our unique bride wanting to make a statement on her wedding day. Gabriela creates a stunning effect when you walk, with it’s length and softness; the perfect veil for understated glamour.

Pictured in ivory, available in both ivory or white and attached to one silver comb for comfort.

Wedding Photographer Credits

Photos 7-10: Kaylee Chelsea Photography.
Photos 19-21: Barefoot and Bearded.
Photo 18: Kitty Wheeler Shaw.
Photo 27 & 36: Tessa Tadlock.
Photo 28: Rob Dight.
Photos 31 & 32: Cinzia Bruschini.
Photo 38: Samuel Lippke Studios.
Photo 39: Dave Le Page.
Photo 40: Joey Willis.
Photo 41: Paco and Aga.


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