Mitchell & Jana in the Inca Gown

Jana and Mitchell's fairytale wedding in the alps of the Canadian Mountains. The surprise wedding at the top of the mountain overlooking The Okanagan lake Region was magnifcent - which might we add was only accessed by a helicopter.

Bride wearing long sleeve lace and groom on top of a mountain in the Canadian Alps

What is a GRACE Woman to you?

Any woman!!!!

Grace Loves Lace bride wearing the Inca gown with a baby breath bouquet

What is it you loved about your GRACE gown and accessories?

It was DIFFERENT! Like meeee!!

Grace bride wearing the Inca gown with her groom wearing Khaki pants and black blazer on a snowy mountain top
Groom lifting his bride wearing a lace low back dress and snow boots
Groom and bride on top of snow mountain top overlooking The Okanagan lake Region

Did you go to a GRACE showroom or purchase your gown online? Tell us about this experience.

So funny. I had always followed Grace Loves Lace designs long before I was engaged and had already chosen the dress I wanted of course. Not too long after getting engaged I was on my way driving from our home in Townsville to Sydney to spend time with my family before moving Canada for 6 months! (Not with my partner due to his work)
At a motel on the way, early in the morning before getting back on the road I was on the loo looking at Grace Loves Lace’s website thinking, I wonder if i could have a fitting today on the Gold Coast. The only appointment time was in 5.5 hours and thats exactly the amount of time google maps told me it would take to get there from where I was.
I booked it. And bloody managed to get there with 10 minutes to spare.
The beautiful, sweet and down to earth Kate (Morrow) gave me an experience I never could have imagined. My parents nor I have ever been very traditional when it comes to weddings so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Kate was like an old friend, and we had the most wonderful time trying on dresses and talking about life. I ended up feeling like an absolute queen, and not in the dress I had even imagined for myself.
The whole process was precious and I am so glad I got to wear the dress that made me FEEL something.

Groom reading his vows to his wife wearing the Inca wedding dress

The Inca Gown

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Newlywed couple in helicopter and groom pointing to his ring

Describe your wedding day look…

Natural, easy, ode to my hippy soul but elegant :)

Groom kissing his bride wearing a low back lace long sleeve dress
Groom and bride hugging on mountain overlooking The Okanagan lake Region with helicopter

How did he/she propose?

We were on a trip back to visit our families in Sydney. We went to my favourite place in the mountains and proposed to me on the mountainside :)

Bride and groom standing on top of snow mountain in The Okanagan lake Region
Bride holding a baby breath flower bouquet with flowers in her bun

What was your goal for your wedding / what was the most important aspect to you?

For it to be just for us. We never wanted traditional!
The craziest part is, he planned EVERYTHING!! He knows me so well. So well that the whole thing was a surprise, I love surprises. The only thing I did was choose my dress, do my hair and makeup for the day.

Bride kissing her new husband wearing the Grace Loves Lace Inca wedding dress
Bride and groom waiting to get into a Helicopter in Canada
Groom lifting his bride wearing Club Monaco and Banana Republic and snow boots

Any top beauty/health/fitness or wedding preparation advice that you can share…

Don’t try to be or look like anyone else. You should feel comfortable in your own skin, at whatever stage in your life that you’re at. I even had to take the nail polish that I had put on off because it didn't feel like me. I am not a girly girl and i felt silly. Just be yourself!


The funniest moment on the day was…

Probably how terrified I was when I had to be blindfolded in the back of a car on the way to the airport, led into a room where I could put on my dress then led out onto the runway with no idea where I was hahahahaha
And the road trip with our dear friend and photographer Jesse. It truly was an adventure we could all never forget.

Groom putting ring on brides finger wearing lace dress
Bride standing in the snow with a helicopter

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share…

Don’t get caught up in the BS. Celebrate your love and be yourself!